The Torah Learning Center framework benefits middle and high school students and teachers. Students use our framework to manage their assignments and classwork in one place. Additionally, teachers have access to many built-in tools and can track grades and attendance automatically.

Our framework includes over 125 pre-packaged secular education courses as an optional add-on. With many course options, you can now offer multiple academic levels within each class. This allows every student to learn on his or her level within the same classroom. Your students will enjoy the innovative technology and your teachers will enjoy the pre-built coursework and classroom management tools. 
Torah Learning Center promotes student web safety so we encourage each school to create custom internet filtering policies. All student browsing activity is tracked and available for review. In addition, teachers can control the student devices by forcing browser tabs to open or close as needed. Students can no longer hide behind minimized browser tabs – we offer 100% visibility. Guaranteed. 
Our Torah Learning Center support team is committed to your school’s success. We will guide you through the onboarding process and your teachers will receive an extensive training course and many other resources.
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