FAQs: Frequently-asked-questions

Q: Does Torah Learning Center replace the need for teachers?

A: Each school determines for themselves how they would like to implement the Torah Learning Center framework. We  recommend using one of the following models: 

  • Blended Learning Model – The Torah Learning Center framework is used to supplement regular classroom instruction and the teacher uses our content as a basis for his or her curriculum. 
  • Online Learning Model – Students complete the coursework on their own with a moderator or teacher in the room to supervise and assist. There is very limited or no regular classroom instruction. 

Q: Does the platform require internet access?

A: All TLC coursework is offered online with secure filtering. We will work with you to customize the filter settings to best fit your school’s needs. Additionally, all student activity is tracked continuously and saved for recall. 

Q: How do teachers maintain classroom control and ensure that students remain on task? 

A: The Torah Learning Center software gives teachers full control over student devices enabling them to guide students toward class content by remotely opening tabs, closing tabs or completely locking a student device. Teachers can see what what students are working on in real-time and any minimized tabs that a student has open. 

Q: How does the Torah Learning Center program increase student success? 

A: The Torah Learning Center framework gives students the opportunity to take classes at their own pace and move forward only after they’ve mastered the subject. Additionally, students have access to review lessons as many times as they need for reinforced learning. 

Q: Does Torah Learning Center coursework meet all required state standards? 

A: Yes! Torah Learning Center coursework exceeds State & National Standards based on the rigor and high expectations of each state, Common Core, NGSS, and iNACOL standards.

Q: Are the lessons interesting? 

A: Torah Learning Center courses combine videos, on-screen teachers, interactive assignments, and thought-provoking assessments for a fully interactive learning experience. Additionally, our wide range of course options gives students the opportunity to choose courses that cater to his or her interests. 

Q: What is “blended learning”? 

A: Blended learning is where a portion of the traditional face-to-face instruction is replaced by web-based learning. Advantages of the blended learning model include flexibility, meeting individual student needs, progress visibility, and significant cost savings. 

Q: Is the Torah Learning Center framework limited to mainstream classrooms?

A: While the Torah Learning Center courses can be used in a regular classroom, they are also a great solution for gifted or struggling students. Gifted students can enjoy the stimulation that our Honors and AP classes provide, while struggling students can take remedial courses at their own pace or catch up to grade-level with our credit recovery courses. These students can complete their coursework with minimal supervision while the rest of the class continues uninterrupted. 

Q: I’m looking for a course/subject that isn’t listed in the catalog, are there any additional courses available? 

A: Very often we can offer additional custom coursework. Please contact us for more information.